This song is in every way the most beautiful thing i’ve heard in very long time. Currently means so much to me.

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you both can totally tell that something is there? Conversations could go on for hours but you both cut them short. You both think about each other all the time but refuse to say so because you both know for some reason it would just never work out. Variables exist that fuck up such a simple equation. Fuck the variable.


5x15: Granite State

It can’t all be for nothing.

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Fuckin Crime in Stereo man

A ticket to the World Cup, in Columbus

Proud to be a member of AO

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Seen in Columbus. Thought to be going to Brazil. [x]


Sunday is for Soccer [x]

And breaking bad

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Raúl González Blanco - A Hero’s Homecoming



this is the BEST POST

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